Music Projects

  • Manorath - Manorath is a visceral need, strenghtened by the awareness that that desire reflects our most authentic selves. We feel we have to do it. It is not objectable.

  • Malu - A Malu moment is very easy to recognize. When we are surrounded by people with a higher status than ours, we feel uncomfortable, inferior, embarassed. It's like there were clouds in our brain.

  • Wanderlust - Wanderlust is a burning desire for adventure and discovery. The human inclination towards movement... It can give us the annoying feeling that our life has meaning only if we are on our way, headed somewhere.

  • Lìtost - Lìtost is that whirlwind of shame, resentment and fury that we feel when someone else makes us sad. It's a tormenting state aroused by the spectacle of our pain, followed by the desire for self-destructive revenge.

  • Viraha - Viraha is the feeling of being incomplete in absence of someone. It's a particular kind of love that you realize only in the moment of separation or abandonment.

  • Hiraet - A glimpse into a grandfather, a place where we'll never return... Hiraet doesn't express a comfort feeling, it's a melancholy desire, tinged with apprehension, as if something was about to be lost forever.

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